Nov 19, 2022 • 37M

#5 Tech layoffs - why it's happening and why joining a startup now could make you rich

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Alfie Marsh
Welcome to The Search For Growth. A podcast for growth-mindset entrepreneurs looking to improve 1% each day. Each week an American and a Brit get together to unpack the biggest topics from the start-up world, interview founders, and share frameworks & principles to help you grow. Chris Gibson is the Founder of Wavelength, a bootstrapped start-up, and Alfie Marsh is the Head of US Go-To-Market at Spendesk, a venture backed unicorn. As an engineer and a sales guy, we have two different perspectives on life. But we are united by one common goal. The Search For Growth.
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In todays episode we discuss tech layoffs:

(01:33) database on who's laying people off

(02:50) Why tech layoffs are happening - inflation, interest rates, covid, war 

(06:00) Interest rates impact on investors 

(07:00) Net Present Value of future cash flows

(08:00) Powerball lottery example

(10:25) How tech startups dealt with the changing landscape

(11:20) Extending runway

(13:00) Good & bad examples of layoffs

(14:15) Stripe's memo on laying off staff

(16:13) Should CEOs have been able to predict the market and prevent over hiring

(20:40) The financial decision behind joining a startup

(23:00) How joining a startup now could make you rich

(24:15) Is Elon the new Steve Jobs

(27:30) Impact of layoffs for H1-B visa holders

(30:35) Tips for finding a new job

Alfie Marsh - Head of US Go-To-Market at Spendesk



Chris Gibson - Founder of Wavelength




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(Stripe's memo on layoffs)

(Openview's 2022 Benchmark Report)
(Techcrunch article for H1-B visa holders)