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#4 - Interview w/ Evan Gelfand, the Founder of Super F**king Simple

#4 - Interview w/ Evan Gelfand, the Founder of Super F**king Simple

In today's episode, we interview Evan Gelfand.

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Super F**king Simple event page

This election's proposition guide

Evan Gelfand is the founder of Super F**king Simple, an organization that simplifies civic engagement by hosting events to discuss contentious topics. 

He started it in 2018 as a nonpartisan way for voters to make sense of city and statewide ballots. On October 25th, they had their Super F*cking Simple ballot event at Manny's, a community and learning cafe in the Mission in San Francisco.

In addition to building Super F**king Simple, Evan is the Head of Experience at Mystery, an employee engagement platform that builds connection through curated virtual experiences. Previously, he was a Chief of Staff within YouTube.

On this episode we talk about:

  • How ballot propositions work

  • Why voting on ballot propositions is important

  • The only way to change the outcome of a proposition

  • Simplifying complex and contentious propositions

  • The challenge with ballot guides

  • What Evan learned over the last four years of organizing the event

  • The importance of non-partisan conversations

  • How Super F**king Simple could be used as a safe place to discuss other contentious topics like climate change

  • How influencers are leveraged to encourage people to vote

  • Understanding financial incentives behind politics

  • Evan’s favorite books and other quick-fire questions

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